Our Favorites

Potting Soil

  • Sol Soils: Great soil for plant lovers looking for an easy, quick & ready to go mixed soil for a houseplant repot. Great variety: chunky houseplant, cactus/succulent mix options available.
  • Fox Farm “Ocean Forest”: Great draining soil for almost all houseplants minus cactus/succulents. I like to mix this with perlite and orchid bark to create a more chunky mix for my tropical plants.
  • Good Dirt Potting Mix: Good overall option at a low price. Easy, convenient and no hassle potting mix.

Pruning Shears

Planter Pots

  • Self-Watering Plastic Indoor/Outdoor Pot: Very affordable Planter Pots that are easy to clean, water and re-use time and time again. Light weight and come in a variety of colors. Makes great planters for bigger heavier plants that you may want to move.
  • Jungle Club Presley Pedestal Pot - Ballerina: Super cute, show stopping pots. Great drainage hole and perfect for any living room and office space that needs a cute design lift.
  • Jungle Club Charlie Pot: Great shape and easy to use ceramic pot; doesn’t dry out your plants too quickly; great drainage hole.

Watering Cans

  • Black Watering Can: My go-to watering can when I have a number of larger plants to water, Metal allows for durability, great grip handle and long spout allows for good precision of water.
  • Anthropologie Watering Can: Great decor piece for the living room shelf; also works great as a flower vase. Great ceramic material.
  • .42 Gal Glass Watering Can - Green: Love the clear glass and pop of color. Adds beauty to any space, not your ordinary watering can. Can be used as a flower vase and has a larger but shorter spout that works great for bigger planters that need a lot of water at one time. 

Grow Lights

Plant Ties

Drip Tray Platter

Plant Food

Neem Oil

  • Happy Happy Houseplant Neem Oil: Great and easy Neem Oil that is a natural way to protect your houseplants from pests and keep their leaves clean. Concentrate is easy to use, comes with a great Amber Spray Bottle and looks great even when left on the kitchen counter. Lasts a long time, almost 12-18 months depending on the number of house plants.
  • We The Wild - Protect Spray: Easy and Natural way to keep plants looking shiny and free from pests. Good smelling product.

Root Growth

Moisture Meter


  • CoCo Coir Pole: This is a great way to support your plants and allow them to grow vertically. Great for vining plants and large leaf plants such as monsteras and philodendrons. Looks great and easy to add a second or third coco coir pole.